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The Team.

At Century, we understand that complex construction projects can be completed successfully only when everyone works together. That’s why our culture is founded on teamwork and cooperation, both on-site and in the office. We work closely with the general contractor and other tradespeople to make their jobs easier and more efficient, which in turn does the same for us. 

Simply put, teamwork is who we are and what we’re about — and that will never change.  



Joel Trojan


Joel is the visionary founder of Century Drywall, establishing the company in 1991 alongside his brother John and brother-in-law, Michael Elliott. Serving as the company's sole owner after John's retirement in 2013, Joel's leadership has been instrumental in shaping Century Drywall's trajectory.

Having assumed the position of CEO in 2008, Joel further expanded his responsibilities by adding the title of President upon Michael's retirement in 2011. His strategic acumen and dedication to excellence propelled Century Drywall to become the largest and most respected drywall company in the Northeast.

Joel's journey in the construction industry began humbly as a union carpenter apprentice at the age of 18. Through hard work and determination, he rose through the ranks, serving as a foreman and superintendent before transitioning to the office as a project manager. His transformation into a highly respected business leader is a testament to his unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth.

Throughout his tenure at Century Drywall, Joel has always attributed his success to his employees, recognizing their contributions as paramount. “My biggest attribute was my unique ability to hire the right people and put them in the right positions”.  Joel believed that you would always learn more from listening than from talking.

As Joel retires at the end of 2023 after 32 years of dedicated service to Century Drywall, his legacy of visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to excellence will continue to inspire generations to come.

Ryan Simons

President & CEO

As President of Century Drywall, Ryan Simons is tackling current construction industry challenges head-on. He's prioritizing technology adoption to boost project efficiency, implementing agile procurement practices to navigate supply chain disruptions, and actively incorporating a problem-solving culture into operations. Ryan successfully manages all the aforementioned processes while maintaining the field-first mentality on which Century was founded.  

Acknowledging the labor challenges inherent in the industry, Ryan invests in training programs and cultivates a positive work environment to ensure Century Drywall maintains a skilled and motivated workforce. By actively engaging with tradespeople, project teams and assuming roles in Labor and Higher Education Boards, he ensures a proactive stance in shaping the future workforce.

Ryan's diverse experience – spanning 25 years – uniquely positions him to lead Century through its next chapter.

Bill Woodside

Vice President of Operations

Bill joined Century Drywall in 2006 as a project manager and quickly advanced to become a project executive and general manager for a satellite office in Quincy, MA. In 2010, he was named Vice President of Operations. Bill currently oversees the Paint and Fireproofing operations, along with estimations for all divisions and client relationships. He also works closely with project managers and superintendents to ensure that Drywall operations run smoothly. Before joining the Century team, Bill had already built an extensive portfolio of construction experience. He entered the industry in 1984 as a taper, later becoming a union carpenter, carpenter foreman, estimator, project manager, and eventually operations manager for his previous company.   

Anne Marie Vieira

Chief Financial Officer

Anne Marie is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in insurance, risk management, and finance. With many years of experience in the industry, she has played instrumental roles in reshaping various departments within Century Drywall and has been pivotal in strengthening the company's financial standing.

Since joining Century Drywall in 2007, Anne Marie has demonstrated her expertise in implementing safety programs, restructuring human resources, and managing the company's insurance needs. In her previous role as the Director of Finance & Risk Management, Anne Marie spearheaded critical initiatives that fortified the company's financial position and mitigated potential risks. Her leadership and strategic vision were further recognized when she was promoted to the position of Chief Financial Officer in 2020.

As the CFO, Anne Marie is responsible for overseeing all financial functions of the company, including accounting, audit and corporate finance. Anne Marie's proactive approach to financial management, coupled with her dedication to excellence, makes her an indispensable asset to Century Drywall. 

Roger Simons

General Superintendent

Roger joined Century Drywall in 1994 as a carpenter foreman. He progressed steadily within the company and was chosen for his current position in 2001. Since then he has supervised many of the company’s largest and most significant projects. One of his primary responsibilities is the oversight of Century’s considerable drywall labor force, including the project foremen and jobsite engineers. In addition to supporting field employees, he works closely with all estimators and project managers. Roger also plays a vital role by advising the executive team on major operational decisions. Prior to joining Century, Roger worked as a union carpenter and later as a project foreman.

Joe Medeiros

General Superintendent

Joe began working for Century Drywall in 1997 as a first-year apprentice carpenter. During his four-year apprenticeship, Joe worked on many different types of projects and learned every aspect of his trade. Shortly after becoming a journeyman in 2001, he worked as an assistant foreman and eventually became a foreman himself. Over the next 13 years, Joe was involved in some of the biggest projects in our company’s history. At the beginning of 2015, Joe was promoted to his current position as General Superintendent. He now works with the other General Superintendents to oversee the Drywall labor force, project foremen, and jobsite engineers. In addition to supporting the field employees, he works closely with the estimators and project managers. Joe also plays a vital role in the company operations by working closely with the executive team on all major company decisions.

Mike Percival

General Superintendent

Mike began his career at Century Drywall in 1997 as a Carpenter Apprentice after graduating from New England Tech with an Associates in Building Construction. Over the years he has taken on increasing levels of responsibility and managed projects of growing complexity, eventually being named General Superintendent in 2016.  Career highlights include some of the most complex and intricate projects in the company’s history including Yale Residential, Novartis, Baystate Medical, Citizens, and Worcester Trial Court. In his current role, he works cooperatively with other General Superintendents to oversee the Drywall labor force, project foremen, and jobsite engineers. Mike also plays a vital role in company operations by working closely with the executive team on all major company decisions.

The Team In The Field